How to promote your business on Facebook

Facebook is undeniably the most famous social networking site, there are around 2.2 billion users worldwide. This makes businesses the best place to reach out people. All large scale and small scale businesses have started promoting themselves on Facebook. Moreover, it is free and hardly takes much time to make a Facebook business page. Going […]

How to find a job through LinkedIn

Finding a job has always been a tricky business. Right from making a CV and getting in touch with recruiters till making a good impression in an interview, it is altogether a stressful task to do. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have made this a bit easier, if you use LinkedIn wisely, finding a job […]

10 things you don’t know about Google

Be it looking for a restaurant, a recipe, a movie review or knowing more about your favorite actor, Google is our go-to option. Google has more than 4.4 billion searches worldwide. But Google is much more than being a search engine; it can perform complicated calculations, convert currencies and translate in any language you want. […]

10 reasons everyone should use Twitter

It’s been around 10 years that Twitter has been invented and there are around 330 million plus users on Twitter, so it is needless to say that this microblogging platform is famous amongst all. Be it for sharing your views or knowing about the latest news, Twitter is useful for many things. It has by […]