10 reasons everyone should use Twitter

It’s been around 10 years that Twitter has been invented and there are around 330 million plus users on Twitter, so it is needless to say that this microblogging platform is famous amongst all. Be it for sharing your views or knowing about the latest news, Twitter is useful for many things. It has by far been my favorite social networking site and the below ten reasons will be convincing enough for you to feel the same.

What is Twitter and why it is so popular?

Let me ask you a question? Do you bother to read a long text which beats around the bush, obviously you will skip. We are in an age of instant gratification, we need information and entertainment in short time. Twitter allows users to write in limited word limit of 280 or less, hence people write crisp content, hence it is called as microblogging. This small content is called tweets. This ultimately helps the users of Twitter to scan things quickly. To receive feeds you need to follow people. These people can be your friends, celebrity or your favorite sports person. If you no longer wish to see the feeds of a particular person, you can anytime unfollow the person.

What is Hashtag?

A hashtag is popular all over the social media; Twitter was the one who made it popular. Hashtag simply helps draw attention and easier for people to find, follow or contribute. It is also a good way to promote and organize.

Uses of Twitter

1) Microblogging

Not everyone is good at writing, but social media is such a platform, where you can vent out your feelings and share your thoughts and opinions about anything. As Twitter allows only 280 characters, at times you can find people writing great thoughts and ideas, or simply something which is supremely witty or funny.

2) Stay updated with the news

Gone are the days when you use to get to know about the current events the next day, by Twitter you can know the News of the world happening just a moment ago. Journalists, celebrities or news channels they put up breaking news on Twitter and because of several retweets the news is spread. Follow famous news channels and journalists to know the fresh news before it becomes a talk of the town.

3) To showcase your creativity

An Artist, a model or a budding writer, anybody can showcase their talent on Twitter and get an appreciation for the same. You may even get some buyers for the painting you made or a publisher who wants to publish a book with your poems.

4) For connecting with people

Twitter can be used to connect with the people of similar interests, but it does not limit you for conversing with the people you follow alone, if you put a hashtag in your tweet, several people can join your conversation. You get to meet and talk to interesting people and also get your queries answered.

5) Follow your favorite celebrity

Celebrities often tweet a lot to engage with their fans, you can follow your favorite actor or author to know what he or she up to. Celebrities love Twitter as they can promote the movie/Show or event they are working on. Twitter also gives you chance to communicate with them. Wouldn’t it be great to receive a reply from an actor on social media?

6) For finding a job

Finding a job is often very daunting, many times we just send out resumes to no avail. Twitter can help you showcase your skills and put the word out that you are looking for opportunity. You have a high chance that a person who can get you a job you dream of may notice you. Or simply put #jobs and find several opportunities to apply. Many companies advertise their openings on Twitter and they are waiting for the right candidate. One can try searching for hashtags like #jobs, #careers, #NowHiring, #GraduateJobs,

7) Instant customer support

Are you tired of calling to customer care? Do you wish to vent out your feelings regarding a product or whether you want to give a genuine feedback? You can just write your complaint and tag the target company by @’company name on twitter’. Be it dominos, KFC, Dell or Microsoft they all have a reputation for resolving and answering to queries over twitter, which is a lot faster than the traditional calling method.

8) Getting specific answers and advice

The Twitter community can help you a lot for finding specific answers. Be it a simple query like which place to travel in Melbourne or where should I eat in Goa. It can answer everything. Although you need to have several followers to get your question answered fast; yet tweets and retweets will get your answer for sure.

9) Tracking online trends

Anything and everything that is going viral all over can be found on twitter. Be it a video, a celebrity fashion or recent political event, It will all be over twitter.

10) For promoting business

Lately, many companies are seen to be active on Twitter, it is because of the number of benefits it offers. The first and foremost benefit of using Twitter for business is- promotion, Companies can promote their new product and service and engage customers with two-way communication. New businesses can also have an understanding of market by knowing what people are talking about; it helps to create marketing strategies. One can also ask for customer’s opinion before bringing a change to a product or before launching something new. Twitter can also be useful to network with people; it is the best platform to network and find clients, partners, investors or new hires for your company.

With so many advantages and uses, I don’t think you should be staying away from Twitter for long. I gave you enough reasons to sign in right away, if you are a fan of Twitter already, let me know whether I covered all good reasons.

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